Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gay Athletes Speak Out

The other day we shared a blog called Born This Way, which is a collection of childhood photos, self-submitted, that suggests that non-normative mannerisms and interests associated with same-sex attraction are evident way before a child is thinking about such things.

Today, perhaps as a counter to that, we offer a blog (Three Kids, Three Time Zones, One Mission) written by three male varsity athletes who happen to be gay.  These young men are not ashamed of their orientation, but at the same time they seek to let the world know that not all gay folks will talk, act or have the interests we have been socialized to expect they will.  They invite other LGBT athletes, out or not, to share their stories, and some have done so. Not surprisingly, the world of competitive sports is not an easy place to be LGBT, and the scarcity of out athletes means it can be quite isolating.  Brad, Robert, and Ben seek to change all that.

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