Friday, February 11, 2011

Uganda Update

 Bishop Christopher Senyonjo wrote a poignant letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and the other leaders of the Anglican Communion about the plight of LGBT people in Uganda, punctuated by the recent brutal murder of David Kato, an LGBT activist and member of the church.

Meanwhile, supporters of the bill to make homosexuality a capital crime in Uganda are using the murder to drum up more support for their cause. 

Back at home, Bishop Gene Robinson wrote a guest column in the Washington Post entitled "Words Do Matter" in which he points out the connection between the violence in Uganda and religious figures on these shores, including Scott Lively and Rick "purpose driven" Warren.  David Bahati, the author of the aforementioned bill, is a member of a group called "The Family" who sponsors the National Prayer Breakfast.  President Obama attended the event, despite an outcry from many progressives.  He did so last year as well, and used the occasion to remark on the draconian law in front of its author.

In a slice of good news this week, a 29 y.o. lesbian woman who was under threat of deportation from England back to Uganda has been granted a reprieve while her case is reviewed, thanks in part to 30 members of the British Parliament and an on-line petition.

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