Friday, March 25, 2011

Is the Kill-the-Gays Bill in Uganda Dead on Arrival?

There is cause for cautious optimism as a report in the Box Turtle Bulletin blog states that Uganda's "Kill-the-Gays Bill" appears to have been shelved. It had been on the table for discussion by the Parliamentary Affairs Committee, but it appears that someone, possibly President Museveni himself, directed that it be dropped because most of its key provisions are addressed in other existing legislation.

Needless to say, David Bahati, the bill's sponsor whose name it unofficially wears, is furious and is not likely to give up his personal anti-gay agenda easily. Bahati is a member of "the Family" (sponsors of the National Prayer Breakfast) and has connections to ex-Episcopalians at Truro Church in Virginia. Prominent U.S. evangelical preachers, including Scott Lively and Rick Warren, have traveled to Uganda and helped fan anti-gay sentiment among the country's Christians.

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