Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bishop Christopher to UN: Decriminalize Homosexuality

Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, who has sacrificed his personal livelihood and safety to speak out on behalf of LGBT Ugandans, addressed the United Nations on Friday. Among his key points was that de-criminalizing homosexuality is key the fight against HIV/AIDS. Currently 70 nations consider homosexuality a crime and seven enforce it with the death penalty. Uganda's parliament was presented last month with a bill that would have made it the eighth. Efforts by Bishop Senyonjo and others raised awareness around the world, which led to pressure on Uganda's government to table the bill. Those in favor of it also are encouraged by Western influences: evangelical ministers including Rick "The Purpose-Driven Life" Warren and Scott Lively have toured Uganda in recent years emphasizing scriptural messages that are favorites of anti-gay rhetoric.

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